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big decision

I just wanna swallow summer whole.

every year I go back & forth. when it’s summer time (or almost summer time), I start thinking about everything I love about summer. how excited I am for warmth & swimming & sun. etc. I am positive that I love summer best. but then… then, as it’s fall time & it’s getting closer to cold weather & scarves & jackets & bonfire smell, I start remembering all the nice things about cold weather & become convinced that winter is the superior season. but today? today I went to the pool & ate a Popsicle on the front steps & reveled in sunshine & that good sunscreen smell. & as I sat there, I realized that summer? well, it is my absolute favorite. this is the real deal. no take backs.

:: home has been full of so so many good things.

:: I’m realizing daily how much I allow my head to be clouded with pointless fretting and anxiety. I want to live like I really do believe that God works everything for my good & for his glory. that’s hard.

:: Avengers did not disappoint.

:: took a mini trip to Jackson last weekend for the wedding of the year… Bryant & Laura are finally married! crammed lots of quality things into one weekend… time with roommates, pizza with Parker, & sweet time at the Journey.

:: this book is fantastic. so so helpful. the amount of things I need to be learning boggles my mind.

on Saturday brother & I are headed to the Grand Canyon… planning to watch an eclipse, ride some bikes & hopefully play in these. then we’re meeting the rest of the family in California for all kinds of adventures. it’s going to be a fun way to spend these last few drops of sunshine & free time that I have left. I’m excited. after all… summer is my favorite.


happy day!

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brett turned 22 monday. we celebrated as much as we could while taking a greek final, but the real party was sunday afternoon. it was a beautiful afternoon on the reservoir, full of friends & sunshine & really good treats & lots of bubbles. wonderful way to take a study break. happy birthday, brett! thanks for being a steady presence in our lives, taking out the trash & rocking out your role as the lone Belvoir male for most of this year. we appreciate you & hope that this year is full of beautiful surprises.

life lately


this little dude turned two yesterday. his sister & I threw him an impromptu party at the kitchen table.

:: most of my Thursday was spent observing in classrooms a lot like mine will be next fall. I had prepared myself to feel pretty overwhelmed (a typical first reaction to life in a high needs school), but the day went better than I could have imagined. I know that there are going to be good & bad days, but I was so blessed by what I got to see. the kids were spirited & delightful. more than anything, I was a little taken aback by how much love & warmth I felt towards kids I don’t even know… praying that God gives me the grace to feel that for my kids next year, even on the rough days.

:: the high school that I observed at was failing last year, but the morale boost & positive discipline that’s happening there this year is really incredible. the idea of spending (at least) the next two years working at restoring & reconciling things that are broken makes me so, so excited & grateful for the opportunity. I think it is going to teach me a whole lot about the heart of God.

:: my current project is listening to Rolling Stone’s Top 100 Albums of the 2000s, thanks to Spotify. recently learned: I like Bruce Springsteen way more than I thought.

:: Wednesday night we had a cookie party over in a5. it was wonderful to see so, so many of our favorite people coming in & out, talking & laughing & eating. there aren’t any pictures because we were having too much fun to take them. sometimes it’s more fun to live life than to document it. most times, really.

:: life looks like this… graduate. home. weddings. home. Grand Canyon!!! California with the fam. then I’m going to be swallowed up by “The Teacher Factory” (aka TFA Institute), which I’ve heard is just real awful. this post on how to survive Institute encouraged me a lot. but right now I’m just hanging on to sunshine & sleep & friends for as long as I can.

happy weekend!


this has been turning around in my head all week, in both english & greek. good stuff.

:: I think wedding band tattoos are cool.

:: spent some quality alone time in B&N the other night. read through some of the April issue of Christianity Today, including this excellent article on “the new school choice agenda,” (hint: it has nothing to do with politics) which challenged & encouraged me in all the best ways.

:: I just finished my last full week of college classes ever. this is insane.

:: we made this monkey bread for David’s small group last night over in a5. it was delicious–Pioneer Woman has never failed me. only use like half the butter, though. it’s still good, promise.

:: finally got around to reading Shauna Niequist‘s second book “Bittersweet.” she writes like a slightly more soccer mom version of Anne Lammot, I think. I enjoyed the book as a whole, but the epilogue was just gutwrenchingly good. I cried twice. go read it.

:: it’s restaurant week in Jackson. Emily & I have had fun picking a couple of the really cheap deals… today we’re getting $10 Sal & Mookies, yay!

:: the weather forecast for next week is all sunshine, all the time. I could not be more excited.


home for Easter these past few days. it’s been a beautiful weekend… time with grandparents, heart to hearts with my dad, getting things done with my mom, thrift store runs with my baby sister, an excessive amount of family pictures & a wonderful sunshine filled bike ride with our little cousins.

I love this time of year when it gets warm & sunny & really green. every time the season changes to summer (we skip spring down here), I am a little bit in awe. I feel like I am being handed a concrete reminder of grace & redemption & restoration… like if dead trees can grow pretty green leaves, then maybe dry bones really can one day walk. stone hearts melting to flesh doesn’t seem that ridiculously impossible when you see sunshine & new flowers & fields full of green grass. I am so, so thankful. He really can and does reach deep down into winter & make all things new. even me.

j u m p


happy sunday! hannah & I sure have enjoyed our week with this little lady. & now it’s spring break! I’m about to be reunited with some of my favorite people in one of my favorite places… which is just a really long way of saying I’m going home for a few days. then on wednesday, I’m headed to new york for the rest of the break. so thrilled to see some of my friends from the organization where I worked this summer, as well as one of my favorite high school friends. lots of traveling… I’m excited about catching up on some This American Life, as well as listening to this audiobook that I just downloaded. I’ll be back soon… hopefully with pictures!

lessons & links…

-I like chocolate milk now. who wouldathunk it? and not just soymilk. real, from a cow kind of milk.

-my small group recently had a really good discussion about this article.

-it’s incredible how much joy sunshine brings me. so thankful for this season.

-we’ve been talking a lot about renting vs. buying in my personal finance class. this article makes me feel better about life.

this book just came in the mail for me. as a memoir junkie, I’m pretty excited to read it.

-I am really, really excited to eat here this week. and I’m not even a hamburger person.