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black & white

:: when it rains outside, we play chess at recess. the kids get super into it, too. that’s how IB schools roll.

:: went to hear some music on the porch at the cedars with jenna & patrick. it’s been a little cooler at night this week though… enjoying that bunches.

:: a little bit about the history behind this famous black power image at the 1968 olympics. interesting stuff.

:: for lunch the other day I brought little ziplock baggies of spinach, carrots, cherries, strawberries & almonds. I took my lunch out to the playground to eat… a little kid ran up to scope out my food, wrinkled his nose & said “ummm, ms. broom, is that what people would call a ‘healthy snack’?” why yes, yes it is.

:: excited about this 5k.

:: david & I both made chalkboards for our rooms… piece of plywood, can of chalkboard paint, presto. same result but a whole bunch cheaper. I would very much like a whole chalkboard wall but for now this will do just fine.

:: sometimes textbooks are silly.

:: this is my first real saturday as in after a full real-world work week. it’s been spent so far at the farmers market, making breakfast & helping emily figure out her new blog. weekends are good stuff.


cooling off

from chocolate milk to homemade fudgesicles. mmmm.

my popsicle molds from Amazon finally came in last week & I have been getting a very lot of use out of them. mostly, I’ve just been freezing my farmer’s market chocolate milk… drinking milk when it’s hot makes me feel weird, but when you freeze this chocolate milk it makes really yummy fudgesicle type things. actually I don’t even like fudgesicles but I like these.

I also made a peach/white grape juice combo. I love just putting real fruit in the blender, mixing it with a little juice and/or honey & freezing it. so good. I have some watermelon chilling in my fridge for the next batch… & I really want to try avocado popsicles. the heat seems to have kicked it up a notch these past  couple weeks… & eating popsicles is one of the only things that makes my front porch tolerable. thanks, Amazon!

happy 4th

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fireworks. friends. my first ice cream sandwich ever. lots of music. A DAY OFF FROM SCHOOL.

delta state threw a big ol party last night. the fireworks & music were oh so lovely… I like celebrations tons & tons. but I couldn’t help but think that, as wonderful as this party for a country is… one day there is going to be a party for a kingdom that will be like nothing I’ve ever seen. (fireworks are just a rip off of the whole star concept, anyway.) but I’m nonetheless grateful for food & friends & music & freedom & r e s t. happy fourth from teacher camp, ya’ll!

summer (school)


the other day teach for america gave us free snocones. I think it was to cushion the blow that is institute… also known as TFA boot camp or teacher camp. whatever you wanna call it… one week down, four and a half to go! starting next Wednesday I’ll be teaching high school English. all the high school English people teaching this story grouped off to have “text talks” the other day, where we discussed themes & motifs in the story… oh goodness, it made me miss college, english classes particularly. a really good liberal arts classroom discussion is pretty exhilarating. & stories are awesome.

my summer placement school is in Hollandale (yeah, I had no idea where it was until a bus dropped me off there). speaking of buses, if you want to know a little bit about what the nitty gritty of institute looks like… every day I get on a big yellow bus at 5:55am & ride an hour to said city. right now the days there are full of classroom management sessions, writing rough drafts of lesson plans & vision statements, collaborating with our teaching teams, etc. but soon they will be full of students & lessons & teaching & (hopefully) learning. then we ride the bus back to Delta State where I temporarily live. (I realized monday that two hours a day times five days a week for five weeks = 50 hours of bus time. if I stay awake & listen to podcasts that entire time, I will be insanely informed by the end of the summer.)

life here is full and honestly, sometimes it’s stressful & overwhelming & no fun at all. but it’s also crammed with daily reminders of God’s deep, deep love & faithfulness. summer is good, ya’ll… even if you have to spend it in school.

p.s. if you’re interested in making my day, mail finds me at:
ruth ann broom / teach for america
delta state university
box b4
1003 w sunflower rd
cleveland, ms 38733

p.p.s. I just bought twenty stamps so there is a high probability that I will write you back.


dear southwest, I've never flown you before. & I'm really excited. don't let me down. love, ruth ann      Untitled

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& that is Arizona really quickly from my phone. a few highlights…

hiked a little around the rim of the grand canyon. got some solar viewers & climbed down into the canyon a bit to watch the annular eclipse. I had never used solar viewers before– they were so cool, kinda like crazy intense sunglasses. then watched the sunset… got to see two Arizona sunsets this weekend &, well, they’re really pretty. but living on a coast sure has spoiled me in that regard.

Nathan found us a perfect spot in between the grand canyon & havasu falls & we camped there a couple of nights. yesterday we hiked havasu falls. we had to take route 66 for a bit to get there, which was kinda fun. the waterfalls were lovely. I had read some conflicting stuff on the internet about day hiking it… it’s over ten miles one way & most people stay the night. we decided to try to hike there & back anyway. not the wisest choice ever (midday Arizona sun is killer), but it came out alright in the end. & on the way  out we spotted that lovely “NO DAY HIKING” sign. whoops.

& as always, the best part of travelling (or of anything, really) is the people. made friends on both plane rides over… lady from 2nd plane invited us to dinner. we watched the eclipse with a random guy who worked for park services. met so many friendly hikers. people in stores & hotel lobbies & german girls at the campground & nice gas station cashiers. people are awesome, ya’ll.

…speaking of wonderful people, I get to see 13 of my favorite people (my family + this family) in california tomorrow. excited… be back next week!

scenes from home

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Untitled       my grandparents make me smile.

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bridge walk with Carey. breakfast at Friend Green Tomato. running with my dad. so much reading. pool time with Hannah. popsicles!! (the bluebell lime ones are so so good.) thrift store with Rachel. pretzels with Wilson. the best skies. rec league baseball games with the grandparents. lots of good talks with mom. fresh fruit in the fridge, always.

home has been real lovely. tomorrow Nathan & I leave to take on the grand canyon. I asked him yesterday if he thought we should “practice setting up the tent.” my eagle scout brother was utterly offended & refused. let’s hope things go smoothly. right now my biggest problem is picking which books to bring… that’s a good sign.

big decision

I just wanna swallow summer whole.

every year I go back & forth. when it’s summer time (or almost summer time), I start thinking about everything I love about summer. how excited I am for warmth & swimming & sun. etc. I am positive that I love summer best. but then… then, as it’s fall time & it’s getting closer to cold weather & scarves & jackets & bonfire smell, I start remembering all the nice things about cold weather & become convinced that winter is the superior season. but today? today I went to the pool & ate a Popsicle on the front steps & reveled in sunshine & that good sunscreen smell. & as I sat there, I realized that summer? well, it is my absolute favorite. this is the real deal. no take backs.

:: home has been full of so so many good things.

:: I’m realizing daily how much I allow my head to be clouded with pointless fretting and anxiety. I want to live like I really do believe that God works everything for my good & for his glory. that’s hard.

:: Avengers did not disappoint.

:: took a mini trip to Jackson last weekend for the wedding of the year… Bryant & Laura are finally married! crammed lots of quality things into one weekend… time with roommates, pizza with Parker, & sweet time at the Journey.

:: this book is fantastic. so so helpful. the amount of things I need to be learning boggles my mind.

on Saturday brother & I are headed to the Grand Canyon… planning to watch an eclipse, ride some bikes & hopefully play in these. then we’re meeting the rest of the family in California for all kinds of adventures. it’s going to be a fun way to spend these last few drops of sunshine & free time that I have left. I’m excited. after all… summer is my favorite.