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bread & wine & quinoa

breakfast (quinoa) for dinner with @dmossthered.

right now a lot of things are kind of overwhelming to me. & cooking is one of them. I love to cook. but when you have school til 3:30 and a PTA meeting at 5:45… or school til 3:30 and tutoring at 5:30… getting to the grocery store & making dinner seems kind of impossible. if anything, it can only happen after all of the other things… which means you don’t eat til 8pm. sometimes I just eat out. but mostly I eat things like hummus, pita, apples, granola bars, oranges, spinach leaves. healthy & somewhat filling but all cold & kind of soul-less.

several weeks ago I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of shauna niequest‘s new book, bread & wine. even in the midst of teacher life, I devoured it. I’ve loved all her books, but I might love this one best. all of the stories connected so beautifully to the theme of the table without feeling forced. & the book was full of recipes… fancy sounding things like mango chicken curry & goat cheese stuffed bacon wrapped dates, but also very do-able things. simple, homemade salad dressing. goat cheese biscuits. breakfast quinoa. & on one kinda icky night when I was definitely too tired & overwhelmed for a dinner party, david & I made this breakfast quinoa. quinoa, onions, chicken apple sausage, & eggs (scrambled for me, fried for him). it was warm & satisfying & exactly what we needed. & this morning, several weeks later, I made it again. & it was just right the second time as well.

I’m thankful for books that are comforting & inspiring all at once. & for recipes that are flavorful & delicious but attainable even on nights when you have three & a half commitments. I want to have dinner parties again soon. but for now, breakfast for dinner will do just fine.


week in review

favorite flowers in the whole wide world. happy tuesday-that-feels-like-a-monday.       Untitled

Untitled       Sunday is watering day. I'm trying to be a more responsible plant owner. we'll see how this goes.

arts & crafts. I like to glue stuff.       every morning & night this week. seems like each is better than the one before.

life lately… love notes from little kids. arts & crafts. an almost-fall saturday in the delta. surprise visit from the best guy. milkshakes with parker. a week of jaw-dropping sunrises and sunsets. pizza with jenna. watering the plants. slow roasted tomatoes & zucchini cakes with carey. a million different ideas floating around my head. early bedtimes. parent phone calls. drinking slushies with leslie. long visits on the couch with sister. it’s been a good past seven days. life is a different kind of full that it was in college… but it’s still just as beautiful.

cooling off

from chocolate milk to homemade fudgesicles. mmmm.

my popsicle molds from Amazon finally came in last week & I have been getting a very lot of use out of them. mostly, I’ve just been freezing my farmer’s market chocolate milk… drinking milk when it’s hot makes me feel weird, but when you freeze this chocolate milk it makes really yummy fudgesicle type things. actually I don’t even like fudgesicles but I like these.

I also made a peach/white grape juice combo. I love just putting real fruit in the blender, mixing it with a little juice and/or honey & freezing it. so good. I have some watermelon chilling in my fridge for the next batch… & I really want to try avocado popsicles. the heat seems to have kicked it up a notch these past  couple weeks… & eating popsicles is one of the only things that makes my front porch tolerable. thanks, Amazon!

busy like a bee


it’s been a crazy week, mostly full of JPS new teacher training & so much unpacking. some highlights include: finally procuring a recycling bin, painting with carter&dylan, making a batch of chocolate covered strawberries, birthday party on our front porch, good catch up time with Kristy, this risotto, & settlers of catan with friends. so many things I could / should / need to do all swimming around in my head… trying to take some deep breaths & remember that rest & renewal are important… even if they’re not on my to-do list.

p.s. tonight I am babysitting at a  house with TV so I am watching Olympics for the first time since the opening ceremony. my goodness. I think I’m glad I don’t have a TV. otherwise I would just watch the Olympics & cry. moving stuff.

in no particular order

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living room floor vegetable soup picnic with messy-mouthed ms. annabel & her parents. sonic shakes with david (half price after 8pm)! hot pink fingernails for the first time since 6th grade. emmy locked herself out a couple of times. lunch with wilson. after hours pizza. cinnamon roll star wars muffins for brett’s birthday. so much quality time with carter & dylan. meeting ashley & tim’s new baby, mr. tanner jude for the very first time! poppyseed chicken. sunglasses weather, finally. canoeing in the rain was actually super fun. pretty sky on the way to mary nelson res life reunion dinner. roof & sunshine with emmy. last finals week ever. graduation & 22 so soon.