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new york, the district & home

manhattan might be probably the most awe-inspiring non natural thing I've ever seen. but I'm still real happy to be back in mississippi.       UntitledUntitled       Untitled

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Untitled       I love jackson. but I sure am going to miss this.

one of the big perks of teacher life is thanksgiving break. there’s no fall break, christmas break is half the length it was in college & summer is a full month shorter. but by golly, we get a full week for thanksgiving. I got to spend the first little bit of it in dc & new york… seeing old friends & making new ones. then at the end I spent several lovely days at home.

the first day was pretty surreal. I read on the plane & stayed up til 2 catching up with christine (an old friend I lived with in peru). the next morning we went to brunch & browsed a flea market. I wore jeans & tshirts & I didn’t once tie a shoe or wipe syrup off someone’s shirt. culture shock is real, guys.

the rest of the (long) weekend was full of so many wonderful things. trader joe’s, meeting zach’s girlfriend, playing settlers of catan, ice skating in central park with emily (SO FUN), walking so many city blocks, lights on fifth avenue, the best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever eaten, christmas shopping, & playing on the roof of katy’s big ol apartment building. (you can read emily’s take on our weekend here.)

it was a fun few days in a city that holds so many happy memories. manhattan is magic… but so is mississippi. & the rest of the week was spent there, with family & new TFA friends. bridge running with my sister, hearing my favorite stories from my grandparents, long breakfast with my mom, the annual broom family Christmas photo, & the kind of sunsets that make your heart sing. now I’m a week back into real life… but with tests to give & christmas break on the horizon, these next two & a half weeks are going to fly by.


nueva york

spring break was wonderful, but so whirlwind that I almost felt like I needed a break from it as soon as I returned home. (so I might have skipped a few classes.)


after a few wonderful days at home with my family, I got spend a few days in New York City. I started the week out in Washington Heights… enjoyed spending time with some friends from the organization I worked at this summer. I got to see some of the kids who were in my class, as well as hang out with some wonderful coworkers. it was cool to see how things are running around Exodus… and good to be reminded that, as desperate & hopeless as I felt so many times last summer, my efforts don’t end with me… God is faithful to Washington Heights & the kids there.




I got to check out a couple of cool musuems: notabley, MoBiA and the weird but wonderful PS 1 in Queens (the Henry Taylor show was so good). got to see 5 Ptz before it closes… it was cool to see the building up close after riding by it on the 7 so many times.


then, one of my favorite high school friends came into Brooklyn for the weekend & we did many things, including Shake Shack, a St Patrick’s Day Parade, & (finally) going to Redeemer Pres. thanks for playing, Zach.


New York was real lovely, but I’m (always) happy to be back in Mississippi. thankful for sunshine & wide open space & this little bit of school that is left.

ps… some cool NYC links…

a needed addition, thanks Improv Everywhere!

NYC Public School’s PS 22 chorus… makes me happy every time.

using poetry to promote literacy in the Bronx.

kinda cool timelapse video.