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thankful thursday


David & I went with Whitney & Kenneth to see Sufjan Stevens in oxford last week. we got to see lots of friends (courtney! parker! jake & carrie! sheely! erin! chandler & leah! etc.) at the show. & it was pretty magic. we both saw him on the age of adz tour, but I actually thought this was better (david was on the fence). there was a christmas unicorn & the wheel of christmas & come thou fount & john wayne gacy & SO MUCH fake snow. it was a pretty venue & wonderful company & a very very good way to start christmas. so today I’m thankful for sweet friends & beautiful music & bodies that bounce back even after you keep them up til four in the morning.


wild & wonderful

I could eat these all summer long.

I decided this week that my top three foods are avocado, cherries, & chocolate. cherries are finally in season again & they are so, so good.

:: the two cds I’ve been listening to nonstop since delta life began are ‘love & war & the sea in between‘ & ‘precious remedies against satan’s devices.’ they have both made my long bus rides much more beautiful & you should listen to them if you haven’t already.

:: I miss my church so much. I think church is about community & people & fellowship, not a service. so usually if I’m somewhere new for a short amount of time, I just don’t go. but it’s been a real long time since I’ve visited other kinds of Christian churches, so I’ve decided this summer is for experimenting. last week I was Methodist & this past Sunday I was Episcopalian. it’s real, real good to take communion & sing praise with God’s people, even if it’s in different ways than those to which I’m accustomed.

:: this short film makes my heart glad. watch it. kids are awesome.

:: Jim Eliot said, “live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.” & I feel like that describes a lot of life at institute. God has been so faithful to give me not only strength & endurance, but a lot of joy & excitement that I was not expecting. even through getting up at 4am & filling out miles of paperwork & sitting for hours in a desk, I feel like I’ve been blessed with a renewed appreciation for the fact that this world is wild & wonderful.

:: and speaking of wonderful… tuesday is historically my favorite day. good things happen on tuesdays, guys. get excited.

california, etc.


californiaaaaa. we saw lots of zoo animals, rode around in a 15 passenger van, ate frozen yogurt, & spent lots of time with sweet, sweet friends. it was not as sunny as I had expected & even downright cold at some points. but what it lacked in sunshine it made up for in avocado. now it’s off to get my body back on central time. but first…

:: preordered the new welcome wagon CD. real excited. also, check out their ep here for free!

:: realizing just how much more I retain when I write down things that I read. it’s crazy different. good thing to remember in teaching, I guess.

:: I’ve been reading lots of Teach for America pre-institute stuff. learning tons about racism & health care & criminal justice & school funding. a lot of it is really rough to think about… here’s a good article about food stamp fraud & the often complicated situations that lie beneath.

:: this video is real simple but it makes me smile a lot.

& now it’s a time for a couple of days of packing & moving & house hunting… then a weekend of celebrating birthdays & marriages with friends… then this next little chapter of life in the Delta.

p.s. thanks to sister’s iPhone for the pictures!

life lately


this little dude turned two yesterday. his sister & I threw him an impromptu party at the kitchen table.

:: most of my Thursday was spent observing in classrooms a lot like mine will be next fall. I had prepared myself to feel pretty overwhelmed (a typical first reaction to life in a high needs school), but the day went better than I could have imagined. I know that there are going to be good & bad days, but I was so blessed by what I got to see. the kids were spirited & delightful. more than anything, I was a little taken aback by how much love & warmth I felt towards kids I don’t even know… praying that God gives me the grace to feel that for my kids next year, even on the rough days.

:: the high school that I observed at was failing last year, but the morale boost & positive discipline that’s happening there this year is really incredible. the idea of spending (at least) the next two years working at restoring & reconciling things that are broken makes me so, so excited & grateful for the opportunity. I think it is going to teach me a whole lot about the heart of God.

:: my current project is listening to Rolling Stone’s Top 100 Albums of the 2000s, thanks to Spotify. recently learned: I like Bruce Springsteen way more than I thought.

:: Wednesday night we had a cookie party over in a5. it was wonderful to see so, so many of our favorite people coming in & out, talking & laughing & eating. there aren’t any pictures because we were having too much fun to take them. sometimes it’s more fun to live life than to document it. most times, really.

:: life looks like this… graduate. home. weddings. home. Grand Canyon!!! California with the fam. then I’m going to be swallowed up by “The Teacher Factory” (aka TFA Institute), which I’ve heard is just real awful. this post on how to survive Institute encouraged me a lot. but right now I’m just hanging on to sunshine & sleep & friends for as long as I can.

(last) weekend in review

last weekend was all kinds of wet & rainy. but I just put on my boots & stomped in puddles, so all was well. friday night, a family from my church hosted a real fun houseshow… it was the kickoff show for our friend Ronnie’s Kickstarter project. go support him! (and if you’ve never heard of Kickstarter, make sure to click around… it’s a really cool concept.) it was a fun evening full of sweet friends, pretty music, good cookies & even some bananagrams.

then on saturday I went to dollar tree with my friend oliver… finally got glitter headbands (!!!!) so I can stop jacking my sister’s (thanks for the loaners han). we also bought a central park puzzle, which provided an afternoon of entertainment. for all interested… the clinton dollar tree has entire boxes of lisa frank stationary for just a dollar. it (almost) made me wish I was in 5th grade all over again.


that night emily, helen & I finally got around to using a pizza hut gift card (thanks mom!). we ate yummy veggie pizza & split a coke & missed leslie lots & lots. also… remember what I mentioned about helen’s clothes in my last post? well, her outfit of choice saturday was a sock monkey onsie. good day.

the rest of the weekend was full… watching a (surprisingly good) movie & running with emily & church. thankful for a couple of days that allow rest & renewal & just plain fun.