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:: thanks to our little friend Isaac, school was cancelled two days in a row. it was strange to have a weekend in the middle of the week… but so, so good. I spent it catching up on sleep, some much-needed cleaning… hanging bookshelves, making crafts, cooking brunch with teacher friends, & having fun time with david.

:: interesting perspective on gentrification… I had never heard of ‘swagger jacking‘ before.

:: I’m at a place in my life where I get student discounts & teacher discounts. that’s fun.

:: a new study shows correlation between art & basically “being nice”… people who had arts ed/were engaged in arts were more likely to donate blood, give directions, etc. yay art!

:: campbells is making hipster soup… cool?

:: I made the letters above the dresser with pipecleaners & brown paper… inspired by this tutorial. when I took greek in college we translated through 1 john… the beginning of 1 john 3 is literally translated: “see how great a love the father has given to us that we might be called children of god. & so we are.” good reminder.


black & white

:: when it rains outside, we play chess at recess. the kids get super into it, too. that’s how IB schools roll.

:: went to hear some music on the porch at the cedars with jenna & patrick. it’s been a little cooler at night this week though… enjoying that bunches.

:: a little bit about the history behind this famous black power image at the 1968 olympics. interesting stuff.

:: for lunch the other day I brought little ziplock baggies of spinach, carrots, cherries, strawberries & almonds. I took my lunch out to the playground to eat… a little kid ran up to scope out my food, wrinkled his nose & said “ummm, ms. broom, is that what people would call a ‘healthy snack’?” why yes, yes it is.

:: excited about this 5k.

:: david & I both made chalkboards for our rooms… piece of plywood, can of chalkboard paint, presto. same result but a whole bunch cheaper. I would very much like a whole chalkboard wall but for now this will do just fine.

:: sometimes textbooks are silly.

:: this is my first real saturday as in after a full real-world work week. it’s been spent so far at the farmers market, making breakfast & helping emily figure out her new blog. weekends are good stuff.

the view from saturday

nice old man at farmers market gave me two for the price of one.

:: a nice old man at the farmer’s market gave me two big ol bouquets for the price of one. I also got free range eggs, hippie chocolate milk (don’t worry mom, it’s not raw), some herb plants & a whole bunch of free gardening advice. also, I’d just like to say that the chocolate milk I got was $1/pint… that, my friends, is cheaper than Horizon from Kroger. thankful to live in Mississippi where there’s not as much “cool” associated with healthy/natural, so it remains much more reasonably priced.

:: I was talking with a friend the other day & we agreed that the Olympics & World Cup are some of the only things that get us feeling super patriotic.  I watched the opening ceremonies while babysitting, so I didn’t get the most coesive view of the whole thing… lots of breaks for nail painting & tickling & snacks, but what I saw was wonderful. yay for sports as cultural diplomacy! also in the same vein… this commercial made me bawl, this meme made me laugh a lot, and this is a good summary that touches on the differences between these opening ceremonies & Beijing’s.

:: interesting perspective on the whole Chickfila controversy, from a “secular” source.

:: this whole situation makes me really sad–especially because it’s tied to a church. we’ve come a long, long way. but stuff like this reminds me of how very far we still have to go.

:: my head is exploding with things I want to make. let’s make a tree swing! let’s make an invisible bookshelf! I want to make popsicles! ohhh, what if I glued this to that! makes it hard to focus on the less fun parts of moving, like unpacking & sorting & laundry & doing target returns. ah well… to target I go. but I still really, really want a tree swing.

packing it up

photo (7)

it’s been a good last few days. settlers of catan. sonic roommate date. avocados on sale for 69 cents. rooftop adventures. & tonight, I finished loading my car. (mostly, anyway.) my delta state dorm room is starting to look lonely. tomorrow is just a few more hours of sessions and then institute/teacher camp is o-v-e-r. & I’m going to see my mom & my family & my friends, in that order. time here has been good. but oh, I’m so excited for what’s to come. bye bye delta… hello jacktown.

p.s. I think these pictures are absolutely mesmerizing
…&  this website makes me smile.


finally saw Brave. in the smallest movie theatre ever. #delta

this is the only movie theatre in the delta. I’ve seen both brave (finally) & spider-man this week. but my real favorite was la luna. it was absolute magic & i hope it wins the short oscar.

:: speaking of movies, I would very much like to see beasts of the southern wild & moonrise kingdom. hoping the latter stays in jackson until I get back there.

:: & then, speaking of jackson… I’ll be done with institute in eleven days. I’m thrilled beyond imagination to see my friends & family. but trying to remember every day that I live here for a reason. & I want to be all here for the time I have left.

:: really excited to see what comes of this new relevant column about the relationship between evangelism & inter-faith dialogue.

:: I have found three pennies in the past 24 hours. I love picking up pennies.

:: kinda geeking out about this… it’s the mississippi river mapped out like a metro.

wild & wonderful

I could eat these all summer long.

I decided this week that my top three foods are avocado, cherries, & chocolate. cherries are finally in season again & they are so, so good.

:: the two cds I’ve been listening to nonstop since delta life began are ‘love & war & the sea in between‘ & ‘precious remedies against satan’s devices.’ they have both made my long bus rides much more beautiful & you should listen to them if you haven’t already.

:: I miss my church so much. I think church is about community & people & fellowship, not a service. so usually if I’m somewhere new for a short amount of time, I just don’t go. but it’s been a real long time since I’ve visited other kinds of Christian churches, so I’ve decided this summer is for experimenting. last week I was Methodist & this past Sunday I was Episcopalian. it’s real, real good to take communion & sing praise with God’s people, even if it’s in different ways than those to which I’m accustomed.

:: this short film makes my heart glad. watch it. kids are awesome.

:: Jim Eliot said, “live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.” & I feel like that describes a lot of life at institute. God has been so faithful to give me not only strength & endurance, but a lot of joy & excitement that I was not expecting. even through getting up at 4am & filling out miles of paperwork & sitting for hours in a desk, I feel like I’ve been blessed with a renewed appreciation for the fact that this world is wild & wonderful.

:: and speaking of wonderful… tuesday is historically my favorite day. good things happen on tuesdays, guys. get excited.

happy monday


got to spend some quality time with this little lady this weekend while her parents celebrated their anniversary. on the way to church Sunday morning, she looked at her dress shoes and said, “auntie ruth ann, once I colored inside these shoes. that was not a very good choice.” hilarious. p.s. she insisted on wearing the dress in the photo to church. I totally let her.

:: this article is such a good perspective on Pentecost & the role of the Spirit in modern evangelical life.

:: I don’t normally write about this here because it makes me feel weird, but I’m really thankful for a boyfriend who takes breaks from playing with husky puppies & eating reindeer meat to be encouraging to me & intentional with me all the way from the frozen north.

:: got to celebrate marriage with two different sets of sweet friends this weekend. congrats to matt&kristy & megan&chad. both occasions were such a cool picture of the church encouraging & lending a hand. my church celebrates really, really well.

:: this article starts off a little tounge in cheek but ends up on a really convicting, humbling note.

:: I find out today what my subject area/grade placement is… super pumped!

:: so many different things this summer have reminded me that I am so blessed in the parents department. like, really. it’s so rare for parents to strike the perfect balance between caring&helping & letting go, but I’m pretty sure mine have found it.

:: I think this is the very best idea in ever.