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the view from saturday

nice old man at farmers market gave me two for the price of one.

:: a nice old man at the farmer’s market gave me two big ol bouquets for the price of one. I also got free range eggs, hippie chocolate milk (don’t worry mom, it’s not raw), some herb plants & a whole bunch of free gardening advice. also, I’d just like to say that the chocolate milk I got was $1/pint… that, my friends, is cheaper than Horizon from Kroger. thankful to live in Mississippi where there’s not as much “cool” associated with healthy/natural, so it remains much more reasonably priced.

:: I was talking with a friend the other day & we agreed that the Olympics & World Cup are some of the only things that get us feeling super patriotic.  I watched the opening ceremonies while babysitting, so I didn’t get the most coesive view of the whole thing… lots of breaks for nail painting & tickling & snacks, but what I saw was wonderful. yay for sports as cultural diplomacy! also in the same vein… this commercial made me bawl, this meme made me laugh a lot, and this is a good summary that touches on the differences between these opening ceremonies & Beijing’s.

:: interesting perspective on the whole Chickfila controversy, from a “secular” source.

:: this whole situation makes me really sad–especially because it’s tied to a church. we’ve come a long, long way. but stuff like this reminds me of how very far we still have to go.

:: my head is exploding with things I want to make. let’s make a tree swing! let’s make an invisible bookshelf! I want to make popsicles! ohhh, what if I glued this to that! makes it hard to focus on the less fun parts of moving, like unpacking & sorting & laundry & doing target returns. ah well… to target I go. but I still really, really want a tree swing.


welcome to the neighborhood

two new friends.

these are two of my new friends. you see, I really like where I live. it’s quirky & close to everything & there’s a farmer’s market that just opened around the corner & a park where people hang out. but my very favorite part of this move so far has been my neighbors. I love neighbors. neighbors are a big part of why I wanted to move here. & I was not disappointed–I met seven of them in the first two days.

to be perfectly fair, I’m probably a bit more excited about the neighbors than they are about me. as my family helped me move, whenever they would see someone venture out, they’d say “hey ruth ann… a neighbor’s outside” and I would (at times literally) chase after whatever poor soul had poked his or her head outside. “hi my name is ruth ann and I’m new here and I live in the tan house down there and it’s so nice to meet you what’s your name oh that’s lovely I’m a teacher how long have you lived here that’s so nice.” andddd breathe. but friendliness pays off & I’m now acquainted with most of my street.

ms. margaret was one of the ones I chased down. she introduced herself by saying “hi, my name is margaret & I serve the lord jesus.” I excitedly explained that I did as well. she then wanted to know where I went to church & if we “baptized in jesus name.” I thought about that for a couple of seconds & replied that yes, I was pretty sure we did. she then sent me home with three tracts.

kevin saw me working in my backyard & yelled “welcome to the neighborhood!” I was ecstatic. someone was welcoming me to the neighborhood instead of me running after them. I could hardly believe it. kevin then continued to say, “I live in that house down there with my partner, christopher. he’s black. do you have a dog?” a lot to take in at once. I said, “no, I don’t” & then followed up with what seemed like the logical reply “…do you?” he very decidedly replied, “yes, I do. and he’s viscous. if you see me walking him, run the other way. because he’s viscous.” welcome to the neighborhood indeed.

& there are so many others. a magazine writer, a widow w/ a beautiful flower garden, a med student, a photographer, an artist, a girl who worked for Mississippi Teacher Corps… the list goes on & on. my favorite new acquaintance this week has been james. he has six puppies that he’s selling but no one is picking them up til this weekend so every afternoon he knocks on my door with a different puppy in tow. the puppy drinks milk in my kitchen while james & I drink orange juice at the table. it’s a good way to spend a july afternoon.

I’m thankful to live in a community that’s so open. & I’m excited to see what God will teach me through this wonderful, eclectic group of people. I’m already kind of in love with them… but I’m still planning on steering clear of the “viscous dog.”

catching up

photo (12)       photo (11)

photo (9)       photo (8)

photo (10)       one of my favorite parts of my new neighborhood.

all things good.       photo (8)

& a week later, I am back in the land of the living. really, what that means is that AT&T & a friend worked very hard to get my little house online. Patrick, thanks for poking around outside in the dark… AT&T, thanks for being approximately a million times better than Comcast.

the last week has been incredibly busy. moving out of DSU & into Fondren. spending time with my family… they helped me move & I owe them big time. seeing college friends. meeting at my school. unpacking, unpacking, unpacking. going on a bunch of Craigslist pick ups (the internet is sometimes awful but also sometimes awesome). making new friends. bike riding to the farmer’s market. kickball in Clinton. sharing popsicles with Target employees. cook out in the park. building forts with Carter & Dylan. life here is overwhelmingly full. sometimes that’s a mixed blessing. but this week, I’m thankful.


twilight in the delta. He made it & it was so, so good.

such a good weekend, full of friends & love & “real food” & community & swimming & catching up… with people & sleep. then, driving back to Cleveland  I saw the most beautiful twilight I’ve seen in a long time. rust red around the horizon, deep navy sky, crescent moon. as with most of the best things in life, pictures don’t do it justice.

I’m happy to be back at Delta State, but oh, I’m excited about moving back to Jackson. all my friends here are going off to new places, but I feel like I’m just coming home. you see, when I first went to college it took me a little bit to adjust to cafeteria food & dorm life. in the afternoons, though, I would mapquest new places to go in Jackson, scribble the directions on a napkin (this was before iPhones, kids), get in my car & go explore. some days I would just get lost on purpose & try to find my way back to clinton. I played in Fondren most of the time, but slowly the whole city started coming together for me. I learned where the good cheap food is, where Clinton Blvd turns into Woodrow Wilson, how to manage rush hour, & when it was better to just take Northside all the way back.

as beautiful as it is, this city has a lot of problems. there was the Melton scandal. crime rates aren’t pretty. the roads are so potholed that they’re occasionally just plain dangerous (ex: Fortification St). the school system is over budget & dealing with accreditation problems. “white flight” is a little better, but continues to be an issue. yet despite the multitude of complex issues she struggles with, Jackson delights me. I think it’s because her story is just like ours… beautiful, full of talent & resources. corrupted by the fall. & yet still spilling over with potential, the possibility of new life. (plus I think it’s cool that Starbucks & Walmart are practically nonexistent here.)

things are happening here. new businesses are thriving. there’s a farmer’s market that just opened right down the road from my house. I’m so excited about the pix/capri revamp. 43 of this year’s TFA Delta corps members are teaching in Jackson. local churches are stepping up & reaching out. I couldn’t be more excited to make Jackson my home for a little while & introduce 42 new friends to her. she’s broken, but oh, it’s evident that the Lord is working through his people to restore & redeem her, to buy her back. I’m confident that living & working here is going to teach me so much about the heart of God… & if I can have one fraction of his jealousy for this city, well, it’ll be a real good year.

p.s. here’s florence + the machine covering ‘jackson’ by johnny cash.
way better theme than that kid rock song.