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:: thanks to our little friend Isaac, school was cancelled two days in a row. it was strange to have a weekend in the middle of the week… but so, so good. I spent it catching up on sleep, some much-needed cleaning… hanging bookshelves, making crafts, cooking brunch with teacher friends, & having fun time with david.

:: interesting perspective on gentrification… I had never heard of ‘swagger jacking‘ before.

:: I’m at a place in my life where I get student discounts & teacher discounts. that’s fun.

:: a new study shows correlation between art & basically “being nice”… people who had arts ed/were engaged in arts were more likely to donate blood, give directions, etc. yay art!

:: campbells is making hipster soup… cool?

:: I made the letters above the dresser with pipecleaners & brown paper… inspired by this tutorial. when I took greek in college we translated through 1 john… the beginning of 1 john 3 is literally translated: “see how great a love the father has given to us that we might be called children of god. & so we are.” good reminder.



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turned in my last assignment & took my last test yesterday. my greek final ties for the longest I’ve ever spent taking a test at MC. fitting to end my academic career with a long test in a really hard elective– one that I’m so thankful that I took. greek has taught me a lot about linguistics and a lot about life. it’s changed my understanding of what Scripture is… but in a way that has made me love it more, not less. and last but not least, it’s brought me into a really delightful group of people. Sunday night we finally ordered After Hours Pizza (after talking about it for almost a year) and had our last group study session. thankful for these boys & our little journey together. I’ve never had more fun being “the token girl.”

p.s. in honor of graduation coming soon,
check on this excellent article:
11 things to know at 25ish

happy weekend!


this has been turning around in my head all week, in both english & greek. good stuff.

:: I think wedding band tattoos are cool.

:: spent some quality alone time in B&N the other night. read through some of the April issue of Christianity Today, including this excellent article on “the new school choice agenda,” (hint: it has nothing to do with politics) which challenged & encouraged me in all the best ways.

:: I just finished my last full week of college classes ever. this is insane.

:: we made this monkey bread for David’s small group last night over in a5. it was delicious–Pioneer Woman has never failed me. only use like half the butter, though. it’s still good, promise.

:: finally got around to reading Shauna Niequist‘s second book “Bittersweet.” she writes like a slightly more soccer mom version of Anne Lammot, I think. I enjoyed the book as a whole, but the epilogue was just gutwrenchingly good. I cried twice. go read it.

:: it’s restaurant week in Jackson. Emily & I have had fun picking a couple of the really cheap deals… today we’re getting $10 Sal & Mookies, yay!

:: the weather forecast for next week is all sunshine, all the time. I could not be more excited.