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i like to glue things




this wreath is a happy little addition to our mantle… inspiration from this picture. it was fun to glue.

in other crafty news, I really really want a teepee like one of these. just think. you could read in it. you could take it outside on a nice day. you could even put it in the car & take it to babysit. what kid doesn’t like a babysitter with a teepee?




:: thanks to our little friend Isaac, school was cancelled two days in a row. it was strange to have a weekend in the middle of the week… but so, so good. I spent it catching up on sleep, some much-needed cleaning… hanging bookshelves, making crafts, cooking brunch with teacher friends, & having fun time with david.

:: interesting perspective on gentrification… I had never heard of ‘swagger jacking‘ before.

:: I’m at a place in my life where I get student discounts & teacher discounts. that’s fun.

:: a new study shows correlation between art & basically “being nice”… people who had arts ed/were engaged in arts were more likely to donate blood, give directions, etc. yay art!

:: campbells is making hipster soup… cool?

:: I made the letters above the dresser with pipecleaners & brown paper… inspired by this tutorial. when I took greek in college we translated through 1 john… the beginning of 1 john 3 is literally translated: “see how great a love the father has given to us that we might be called children of god. & so we are.” good reminder.

black & white

:: when it rains outside, we play chess at recess. the kids get super into it, too. that’s how IB schools roll.

:: went to hear some music on the porch at the cedars with jenna & patrick. it’s been a little cooler at night this week though… enjoying that bunches.

:: a little bit about the history behind this famous black power image at the 1968 olympics. interesting stuff.

:: for lunch the other day I brought little ziplock baggies of spinach, carrots, cherries, strawberries & almonds. I took my lunch out to the playground to eat… a little kid ran up to scope out my food, wrinkled his nose & said “ummm, ms. broom, is that what people would call a ‘healthy snack’?” why yes, yes it is.

:: excited about this 5k.

:: david & I both made chalkboards for our rooms… piece of plywood, can of chalkboard paint, presto. same result but a whole bunch cheaper. I would very much like a whole chalkboard wall but for now this will do just fine.

:: sometimes textbooks are silly.

:: this is my first real saturday as in after a full real-world work week. it’s been spent so far at the farmers market, making breakfast & helping emily figure out her new blog. weekends are good stuff.

the view from saturday

nice old man at farmers market gave me two for the price of one.

:: a nice old man at the farmer’s market gave me two big ol bouquets for the price of one. I also got free range eggs, hippie chocolate milk (don’t worry mom, it’s not raw), some herb plants & a whole bunch of free gardening advice. also, I’d just like to say that the chocolate milk I got was $1/pint… that, my friends, is cheaper than Horizon from Kroger. thankful to live in Mississippi where there’s not as much “cool” associated with healthy/natural, so it remains much more reasonably priced.

:: I was talking with a friend the other day & we agreed that the Olympics & World Cup are some of the only things that get us feeling super patriotic.  I watched the opening ceremonies while babysitting, so I didn’t get the most coesive view of the whole thing… lots of breaks for nail painting & tickling & snacks, but what I saw was wonderful. yay for sports as cultural diplomacy! also in the same vein… this commercial made me bawl, this meme made me laugh a lot, and this is a good summary that touches on the differences between these opening ceremonies & Beijing’s.

:: interesting perspective on the whole Chickfila controversy, from a “secular” source.

:: this whole situation makes me really sad–especially because it’s tied to a church. we’ve come a long, long way. but stuff like this reminds me of how very far we still have to go.

:: my head is exploding with things I want to make. let’s make a tree swing! let’s make an invisible bookshelf! I want to make popsicles! ohhh, what if I glued this to that! makes it hard to focus on the less fun parts of moving, like unpacking & sorting & laundry & doing target returns. ah well… to target I go. but I still really, really want a tree swing.