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long weekend


well, (almost) a week late, here’s a little bit about life MLK weekend. it was full of friends, settlers, & a lovely long run.

:: friday at school I went to visit some of my kiddos in aftercare (on site childcare after school is out). they were working on MLK coloring pages & I asked a beautiful little kindergarten girl if she knew who martin luther king jr. was. she said no ms. broom, who is he? so I explained about how some people used to think that black people couldn’t do everything white people could (she looks shocked & horrified) but that MLK stood up for people & explained that God made everyone & loves everyone & every single person is valuable & worthwhile & full of infinite potential, no matter the color of their skin. & he fought for everyone to be treated the same. I’m feeling pretty good about this little civil rights lesson. she pauses & waits until I’m finished & says, “ok ms. broom but how did martin luther king jr die?” …to which I said “man, you are doing such a great job of coloring that sheet, kiddo!” sometimes I forget how ugly the world can be until I see it through five year old eyes. (thankfully you could also substitute ‘beautiful’ for ‘ugly’ in that last sentence & it would still ring true.)

:: the new york times recently published a story on forgiveness & restorative justice that made me bawl big time. there are lots of different opinions on the death penalty from a policy perspective, but there’s no denying how compelling & utterly convicting this narrative is on a personal level.

:: this article by Jen Hatmaker makes me think about how hard it will be to be a parent & also kinda makes my heart sing, all at the same time: brave moms raise brave kids. challenging.

:: anyone girl who is single and/or dating should read these two articles: making out is not a date & I waited for him to tell me he liked me first. so good. & they come from a site, that’s become one of my favorite resources to share. they publish posts on all kinds of topics that are real & insightful.

p.s. thanks to chase for the picture of our house. it’s apparently ‘instagrammable.’


the darndest things


I teach kindergarten through 5th grade spanish at a magnet elementary school. in a desperate effort to get to know some of the 287 kids I teach at the very beginning of the year I made a “get to know you” type survey for the older grades. I discovered a stack of the completed surveys on my shelf the other day. here are some of my favorite responses…

what is one thing you would like ms. broom to know about you?

“I am smart and kind and fun and funny and also good at singing.”

“I have food allergies.”

“I reeeeeally miss my old Spanish teacher but you seem nice.”

if you could go to any country in the world, which one would you visit?

four children responded with, “florida.”

what do you want to be when you grow up?

“a peedeeuhtrishiun. not sure if I spelled that right but I want to be a kid doctor.”

if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?


“the mall.” (dreamin’ big)….

& my personal favorite, “court.” I was a little worried about the child who wrote “court” until I looked up & saw that, for “what I want to be when I grow up” he had put “lawuhyor” (lawyer). at least he’s shooting for the right side of the bench.

what did you learn in Spanish last year?

“I learned that ‘cafe’ is a color and also coffee and also a place to eat.”

what do you want to learn in Spanish this year?

as they were taking the survey, I saw a little girl writing “nothing” in answer to this question. I stopped by her desk & asked her why she put that. she said that she didn’t want to learn anything new in Spanish. I told her that wasn’t a very good attitude to have & Spanish was going to be so fun, etc. then she said, “ms. broom I think you need to look at what I put at the top of my paper.” sure enough, at the top of the sheet she had written, “ms. broom my mom is from nicaragua and we speak Spanish at home so I already know my words in Spanish.” touche, kiddo. touche.

these kids are smart & spirited. & even though they overwhelm me, they always make my days.

a little bit of august

Untitled       Untitled

Untitled       Untitled

Untitled       & these are a few of my favorite things.

Untitled        king of the jungle.

sleepover with the dennis kids. david is home from alaska. trying to put my house back together (it’s going pretty slowly). beautiful little kiddos coming up to me in the hallway & shyly whispering ‘hola senorita.’ goodbye party for some of my favorite people at koinonia. oliver in town on the way to south korea! splitting cheesecake with helen. surprise dinner with mom & sister. secret trail adventures with david. lesson planning. labeling 287 popsicle sticks. nap time.

life is so full. I might be the teacher, but I have a lot to learn about margin & balance & what’s important. a lot to learn about trust & rest. thankful for the God who teaches… gently, faithfully, persistently.

first day


today was my very first day of public school… & I was the teacher. it was crazy & new & teachers stand more than I thought. but to make a long story short it was very, very good. my children are smart & spirited & so wonderful. & the other teachers are so kind & wise. I’m thankful to get to live a little bit of life with this group of people… here’s to the first first day!

p.s. at the end of the day when it was hot & I was tired…
a first grader walked up to me and said, “who are you? you pretty.”
hahaha… thanks, kiddo. I’ll take it.

catching up

photo (12)       photo (11)

photo (9)       photo (8)

photo (10)       one of my favorite parts of my new neighborhood.

all things good.       photo (8)

& a week later, I am back in the land of the living. really, what that means is that AT&T & a friend worked very hard to get my little house online. Patrick, thanks for poking around outside in the dark… AT&T, thanks for being approximately a million times better than Comcast.

the last week has been incredibly busy. moving out of DSU & into Fondren. spending time with my family… they helped me move & I owe them big time. seeing college friends. meeting at my school. unpacking, unpacking, unpacking. going on a bunch of Craigslist pick ups (the internet is sometimes awful but also sometimes awesome). making new friends. bike riding to the farmer’s market. kickball in Clinton. sharing popsicles with Target employees. cook out in the park. building forts with Carter & Dylan. life here is overwhelmingly full. sometimes that’s a mixed blessing. but this week, I’m thankful.

happy monday


got to spend some quality time with this little lady this weekend while her parents celebrated their anniversary. on the way to church Sunday morning, she looked at her dress shoes and said, “auntie ruth ann, once I colored inside these shoes. that was not a very good choice.” hilarious. p.s. she insisted on wearing the dress in the photo to church. I totally let her.

:: this article is such a good perspective on Pentecost & the role of the Spirit in modern evangelical life.

:: I don’t normally write about this here because it makes me feel weird, but I’m really thankful for a boyfriend who takes breaks from playing with husky puppies & eating reindeer meat to be encouraging to me & intentional with me all the way from the frozen north.

:: got to celebrate marriage with two different sets of sweet friends this weekend. congrats to matt&kristy & megan&chad. both occasions were such a cool picture of the church encouraging & lending a hand. my church celebrates really, really well.

:: this article starts off a little tounge in cheek but ends up on a really convicting, humbling note.

:: I find out today what my subject area/grade placement is… super pumped!

:: so many different things this summer have reminded me that I am so blessed in the parents department. like, really. it’s so rare for parents to strike the perfect balance between caring&helping & letting go, but I’m pretty sure mine have found it.

:: I think this is the very best idea in ever.

scenes from home

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Untitled       Untitled

Untitled       Untitled

Untitled       Untitled

Untitled       my grandparents make me smile.

Untitled       Untitled

bridge walk with Carey. breakfast at Friend Green Tomato. running with my dad. so much reading. pool time with Hannah. popsicles!! (the bluebell lime ones are so so good.) thrift store with Rachel. pretzels with Wilson. the best skies. rec league baseball games with the grandparents. lots of good talks with mom. fresh fruit in the fridge, always.

home has been real lovely. tomorrow Nathan & I leave to take on the grand canyon. I asked him yesterday if he thought we should “practice setting up the tent.” my eagle scout brother was utterly offended & refused. let’s hope things go smoothly. right now my biggest problem is picking which books to bring… that’s a good sign.