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bread & wine & quinoa

breakfast (quinoa) for dinner with @dmossthered.

right now a lot of things are kind of overwhelming to me. & cooking is one of them. I love to cook. but when you have school til 3:30 and a PTA meeting at 5:45… or school til 3:30 and tutoring at 5:30… getting to the grocery store & making dinner seems kind of impossible. if anything, it can only happen after all of the other things… which means you don’t eat til 8pm. sometimes I just eat out. but mostly I eat things like hummus, pita, apples, granola bars, oranges, spinach leaves. healthy & somewhat filling but all cold & kind of soul-less.

several weeks ago I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of shauna niequest‘s new book, bread & wine. even in the midst of teacher life, I devoured it. I’ve loved all her books, but I might love this one best. all of the stories connected so beautifully to the theme of the table without feeling forced. & the book was full of recipes… fancy sounding things like mango chicken curry & goat cheese stuffed bacon wrapped dates, but also very do-able things. simple, homemade salad dressing. goat cheese biscuits. breakfast quinoa. & on one kinda icky night when I was definitely too tired & overwhelmed for a dinner party, david & I made this breakfast quinoa. quinoa, onions, chicken apple sausage, & eggs (scrambled for me, fried for him). it was warm & satisfying & exactly what we needed. & this morning, several weeks later, I made it again. & it was just right the second time as well.

I’m thankful for books that are comforting & inspiring all at once. & for recipes that are flavorful & delicious but attainable even on nights when you have three & a half commitments. I want to have dinner parties again soon. but for now, breakfast for dinner will do just fine.


bits & pieces

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these last few days have been real good & here are some pictures to prove it. soup on a cold rainy day with Brett & Leslie. Ronnie & Casey played on the porch at Cups. last ballet class ever. birthday party for Mitchell. library trip with Hannah. lots of playing with Carter & Dylan & Isaac. thrift stores & restaurant week with Emily. making a skillet cookie with David. RUF end of the year party. real, real good meeting at the (probably) new Journey space. McDonalds (for the first time in ages) with Parker & Varina.

I went to my very last undergraduate class ever today. now just one test, one project, & one graduation. it’s been real & it’s been fun. & tonight we are having friends & cookies & milk to celebrate. happy “study day”… & good luck to those of you who have to take more than my one measly final.

happy weekend!


this has been turning around in my head all week, in both english & greek. good stuff.

:: I think wedding band tattoos are cool.

:: spent some quality alone time in B&N the other night. read through some of the April issue of Christianity Today, including this excellent article on “the new school choice agenda,” (hint: it has nothing to do with politics) which challenged & encouraged me in all the best ways.

:: I just finished my last full week of college classes ever. this is insane.

:: we made this monkey bread for David’s small group last night over in a5. it was delicious–Pioneer Woman has never failed me. only use like half the butter, though. it’s still good, promise.

:: finally got around to reading Shauna Niequist‘s second book “Bittersweet.” she writes like a slightly more soccer mom version of Anne Lammot, I think. I enjoyed the book as a whole, but the epilogue was just gutwrenchingly good. I cried twice. go read it.

:: it’s restaurant week in Jackson. Emily & I have had fun picking a couple of the really cheap deals… today we’re getting $10 Sal & Mookies, yay!

:: the weather forecast for next week is all sunshine, all the time. I could not be more excited.