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so I had my first ever grown up birthday a week & a half ago. & it was a lot better than I had expected. sister came & ate lunch in the cafeteria with me & my second grade birthday twin. came home to lots of surprises from the best boy & then we went to babalu & the park. to top it all off, I kind of dozed on and off through a really good documentary about a middle school chess team (brooklyn castle, check it out). the other weekend I had the epiphany that, if I want to stay awake for a movie, I need to watch it in the morning. sure enough, last sunday morning david & I watched avengers & I made it through the whole thing like a champ.

also, david got me sunflowers on my birthday. which was exactly 11 days ago. said sunflowers are still lovely looking. I marvel at this fact repeatedly to anyone who will listen. I’m pretty sure God knew we needed a little extra sun in the midst of all this moving mess. so I’m thankful for magic long-living sunflowers, friends who love me & the God who has been faithful throughout the craziest year of life yet.