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home for Easter these past few days. it’s been a beautiful weekend… time with grandparents, heart to hearts with my dad, getting things done with my mom, thrift store runs with my baby sister, an excessive amount of family pictures & a wonderful sunshine filled bike ride with our little cousins.

I love this time of year when it gets warm & sunny & really green. every time the season changes to summer (we skip spring down here), I am a little bit in awe. I feel like I am being handed a concrete reminder of grace & redemption & restoration… like if dead trees can grow pretty green leaves, then maybe dry bones really can one day walk. stone hearts melting to flesh doesn’t seem that ridiculously impossible when you see sunshine & new flowers & fields full of green grass. I am so, so thankful. He really can and does reach deep down into winter & make all things new. even me.


this week in pictures

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it’s been a lovely couple of weeks… this one started with a Monday morning yellow balloon from chickfila & ended with a Sunday full of church (which is always better for me than words can describe) & a beautiful long run with emily. in the middle, there were lots of weddings (which deserve their own post entirely), brett & leslie’s 5 month anniversary (which they celebrated with oliver & I… at applebee’s) free pancake day at IHOP, a birthday party for chandler, avocados & kiwis on sale at Kroger (!!), bike riding with friends, hanging out with some of my favorite little kids, giving haircuts, new music, & really good homemade bread. thankful for grace & sunshine. happy monday!