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photo 2

this past weekend my roommate Emily & I made a speedy trip to Pensacola for the Gulf Coast half marathon. we fit a whole bunch of fun (& a lot of miles) into 24 hours. after 4 music filled hours in the car (& a trip to Cracker Barrel), we went to the beach, where we accomplished what we could both probably agree was some of the best people watching of our rather extensive collective career. if you want to people watch, just go to Pensacola Beach during spring break. enough said.

photo 1

one plus of half marathon training being over is that we no longer have to obsessively think about how much water we are drinking on any given day. in case you were wondering, Gatorade Recover is gross & Gatorade Prime isn’t much better. there is a reason why people usually just drink the G2 stuff.

photo 3

we were excited that all the participants numbers also had names on them. people would occasionally do the whole awkward “I don’t know you but I’m working your name into our brief exchange because I read it on your name tag” type thing which I always enjoy. also, Emily’s phone takes pictures within our running app. sometimes this results in really hilariously bad pictures.

photo 4

the sky was glorious that morning, the beach was super pretty to run alongside & it was a joy to do with one of my best friends. the first ten miles were a lot more fun than the last three point one, but overall it was such a good experience & I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I’m real thankful to God for being so gracious in giving us healthy bodies that willingly run, but even more so in giving us each other to do it with. as fun as this weekend was, even better were all the dozens of days of running, swimming, Healthplex workouts & water running where we talked about everything under the sun. it’s been fun, Em… now let’s do a tri!