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hola, my name is Ruth Ann. welcome to my blog. when I was seven months old, I started yelling “HIDERE!” (hi there) to strangers in the grocery store… & I’ve been engaged in the art of conversation ever since. this blog is just a way of continuing that.

I grew up on a coast, as the oldest of five kids. I was homeschooled all the way through high school. then I graduated early & managed a coffee shop for a year. after that, I went to a small-private-Christian-liberalarts college. during the school years I learned about literature & linguistics. during the summers I interned at a medical clinic in Peru, worked at a non profit in Manhattan, & studied abroad in Costa Rica. all of those things have radically changed the way I see the world.

now, I live in a beautiful, crazy, diverse neighborhood nestled in the middle of Jackson, Mississippi. I teach elementary school Spanish at a local public school through Teach for America. & I’m part of a faith community that was probably the steadiest part of my hectic college years, teaching me countless things about life, love, justice, hope, grace & all those other things that make your stomach flip as you realize that there is something bigger.

as far as my free time goes, I spend a lot of time playing outside, practicing languages (Spanish & Greek & I wanna learn French really badly), cooking & having conversations. I like maps, Wikipedia, buttons, This American Life, crayons, Mississippi, Manhattan, poetry, sunshine, popsicles, the big bridge by my parents’ house, reading mommy blogs, standing on top of tall buildings & being barefoot.

as you might can tell, I like a lot of things. but stories are my very favorite. I love telling them & listening to them… funny stories, sad stories, and-then-I-found-five-dollars stories, good stories, you-had-to-be-there stories. but out of all the thousands of stories I’ve heard, I think that this is the best story, the story that, as Lauren Winner puts it, “I will wrestle with for the rest of my life.” here’s to wrestling. thanks for reading along.


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  1. You are adorbs ❤


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