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just like that

"& all those times you didn't leave it's been occurring to me I would like to hang out with you for my whole life."
& just like that, we got married. it was a perfect day, in the truest sense of the word… full of worship, full of joy, full of the people we love best–people who have loved us so well along this journey.

when you’ve been dating someone seriously for a long time, sometimes in the stress of wedding planning it all just starts to feel like a formality–something that you have to do so you can live together & merge bank accounts & share health insurance & stuff. it can especially start to feel like that when you work full time up until the day before the wedding. but when sunday finally got there & my sister & mom zipped my dress & I tapped david on the shoulder & we stood in a room with some of our favorite people & favorite music… it didn’t feel like a formality at all. it felt special & meaningful. holy. I had expected to be really nervous throughout the ceremony & love the reception but it was really the opposite. the reception was hectic (in a good way!), but the ceremony I’ll remember forever. we’re so thankful to jenn & ronnie, kevin & carrie, & especially drew for making that forty five minutes so special to us. it was a tiny bit of glue that we trust God in his graciousness will use as he continues to make us one.

when people have asked us how marriage is, we’ve been explaining like this: “well, it’s been 3/8/12 days & we’re still together.” & that’s true. we’ve already cried & had fights (& also lots of fun & joy), but  we’re still together. but really, we’re not just together. we’re beginning the journey of our favorite part of our vows. I will join with you in the mission God has entrusted to us. making the kingdom come. tomorrow is 13 days… here’s to the next 13… & the 13 after that. God is gracious. & his kingdom is worth all.

p.s. thanks to carianne for these pictures.
it was obviously a bit difficult for me to take any.


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