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Monthly Archives: March 2013

friday five

1 :: this past week I was oh so worried about us finding a house. & i started thinking maybe i was silly for being so insistent on staying in this neighborhood. then i found four little boys chasing a bird with a sheet of plywood & (after a serious talking to) the five of us ended up having a snack together on the porch with my accross the street neighbor. little drops of water, confirmation that i’m where i’m supposed to be. so excited about all the friends that are moving here soon.

2 :: love this article: 18 reasons doctors & lawyers are homeschooling their kids. it’s not just conservative denim jumper wearing religious people anymore. (although I will always have a soft spot in my heart for conservative denim jumper wearing religious people.)

3 :: monday was one of those days that helps you understand why people keep teaching even when it’s hard. I was introducing our last unit (clothing vocabulary) & my fifth graders were so engaged… they’re doing a fabulous job of speaking in complete sentences. makes me so happy!

4 :: shauna niequist asks, is it crazy to move for friendship? (hint: maybe not.)

5 :: speaking of shauna niequist, I was able to read bread & wine a little early & david & I made a recipe from it this past week… so be on the lookout for a little review.


color me rad

we had the most fun running the color me rad 5k in fondren! hannah & I were so proud of kate & her friends… what a cool 5k as your first race! it was really fun to see friends from college & work all over the place… even a few students. this was a colorful way to spend an otherwise dreary saturday morning… so thankful the rain held off. yay for fun stuff going on (almost) literally in your own backyard.

p.s. all pictures courtesy of my dad who spent his saturday morning
dabbling in professional race photography.
you’re the best!

dominican republic

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spent the week of spring break  in the dominican republic with david (& 34 new friends!), singing songs, playing with kids, eating granola bars & talkin about our favorite story. it was super beautiful with sunshine galore (& the most beautiful sunset flying into atlanta). but my very favorite part was the spanish– all day, every day. speaking it, listening to it, soaking it all in. but best of all, singing & worshiping in spanish.

I love the biblical parallel between the story of the tower of babel & the story of pentecost. the idea that god confused languages when people were using them to exalt themselves, yet later united languages when people wanted to use them to glorify him… that’s cool. one night while we were in the DR we went to a bilingual church service. it was glorious to see people worshiping in english & spanish… languages split due to human brokenness, but both being used to praise god anyway.

it was also really cool to see David playing worship music with a bunch of little spanish-speaking boys. while we live in the tension of babel & pentecost, confused but trying to understand… music speaks. it’s a gift, a tiny taste of what’s to come. I’m not sure if in heaven we’ll all speak the same language or different ones. but I’m pretty sure we’re all going to be able to understand one another. I’m excited.

friday five

every friday at school I give kids “friday (high) fives” in the bus line. it’s one of my favorite parts of the week… I love that it’s routine enough now that if I forget they come running back… “miss broom, what about my friday five?!”

1 :: helen & i made this hummus together tuesday. it’s good. & i agree with the blogger that it tastes like pizza hummus.

2 :: “I wake up lost every morning.” this article brings me lots of joy in the truth. & comfort in knowing I’m not the only one prone to forget.

3 :: david & i have tickets to see fun. & seryn. excited.

4 :: “when the prevailing thinking is boys will be boys — girls will be garbage. & that is never the heart of God.” fantastic article by ann voskamp.

5 :: this weekend is color me rad w/ hannah & kate & bridal shower on the coast. excited.

life lately

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"where there is darkness, let the light come." #jenny&tyler was a good way to start the weekend. @dmossthered       Untitled

we made a save the date video with thomas. half marathon in new orleans with the family. lots of wedding planning with mom. jenny & tyler house show. shawreth formal in birmingham with david. detour to huntsville for steak & shake (my first time, it was sooo good) & a rad suit from h&m. grading 236 spanish tests. visiting hannah & little miss annabel. dinner at fondren after five with ems & helen. discovering a new consignment store. read alouds in the outdoor classroom in honor of finishing testing.

& now, spring break. I was super antsy at school today, like a kid on christmas. david & I are going to the dominican republic with his home church & I’m excited, even though it doesn’t really seem real yet. bye bye internet, back next week.

what’s good about life


walking hand in hand with your dad & realizing that, even at 22, you’re still his girl. tight hugs from little kids. running a half marathon behind a guy with a t shirt that says “don’t let the 53 year old open heart surgery survivor beat you.” kid’s bible stories that calm your soul right before bed. impossibly blue skies after all that grey rain. there are some moments where you stop & think… “this, this is what is good about life.” & yesterday, I had one of them.

sitting at northside starbucks with three of my best friends from college. even though we don’t have that much time for coffee-getting & table-sitting anymore, it still just kind of happens. I was borrowing a dress from emily & eating chips on her couch when helen asks if emily wants to go to starbucks. she does & she brings me with her & before long leslie is there too.

emily is a nurse that works nights & I’m a teacher who works days. leslie is in law school & helen is getting in med school. emily & helen grew up presbyterian, leslie & I were raised southern baptist. but none of this really makes anything any different. first & foremost we are daughters & sisters. we love one another deeply & our differences usually just make for good conversation. as someone who didn’t really have girlfriends in high school, their love has been healing & lifegiving to me.

we sit around that table in starbucks & ooooh & ahhhh over the ring (leslie & brett 4eva). we talk summer jobs & helen’s future as a trophy wife & premarital counseling & kitchen aid mixers & babysitting & a whole host of other things that are really just between us. we only have about half an hour between when leslie gets there & when I have to leave for tutoring. but it’s enough. & I walk back out to my car in the glow of being known, being loved. community is a huge part of what is good about life… & even 30 minute dose is beautiful enough to put a light inside you that lasts all day.