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Monthly Archives: November 2012

acción de gracias


I taught my kiddos how to say “thanksgiving” in spanish last week. acción de gracias. loosely, directly translated it means “action of thanks.” I like that. & here just ten of the dozens of things I’m super thankful for.

one :: a good place to work & lots of challenging tasks. even when I’m stressed out & overextended, I’m so, so thankful to work at a job that’s never ever boring. my students brighten every single one of my days. & I’m thankful for the support & wisdom that comes from colleagues & TFA.

two :: a big, loud, beautiful family, made up of wonderful siblings & wise parents.

three :: fellowship. close college friends who all happen to have stayed in town. new teacher friends who understand my life. a good, good roommate.

four :: a boyfriend who plays music & makes ramen & drinks black coffee & consistently lives in a gentle & understanding way with me.

five :: jenna’s & my cozy house w/ a working heater & random furniture, full of pictures & recipes & parties & joy.

six :: a body that can run & jump & swim (even if it’s pretty bad at ballet).

seven :: words & books & writing. animals don’t read & write. we do. words have power & meaning & beauty. I’m thankful for the privilege of wielding & weathering them.

eight :: this great big beautiful world in which we live, full of sunsets & secret trails.

nine :: church… familiar faces, folding chairs, the lord’s prayer, & an invitation to take, to eat, drink & remember.

ten :: & of course, always, more than anything, I’m thankful for grace. I’m thankful for grace at work, grace in my family, grace between my friends, grace from david, & ultimately… grace from the holy yahweh god who is constantly proclaims over me “YOU ARE LOVED“… even when I least deserve it.



life, as told by camera phone

I work at the only JPS school where you can see the capitol from the playground. & there's your Jackson trivia for the day.         Untitled

Untitled        Untitled

Untitled        Untitled

Untitled        Untitled

Untitled        pink sky. big white moon. good end to sunday funday. @dmossthered @hannahbroom @wmwielgosz

whirlwind trip home for peter anderson. pretty skies. dry shampoo, all day everyday (no words for how much this helps my mornings go smoothly). painting a big refrigerator box voting booth & watching lots of little people cast votes. watching the news to see what kind of votes the big people cast. a visit from our favorite bri bri. colorful leaves. researching how to fry a turkey. state fair (ok, that was a while ago). chikfila & kroger (favorites) with david. dr. stapleton’s cuba lecture. surprise visit with hannah & annabel. rearranging my teeny tiny workspace. daylight savings time… which is currently making my life. I don’t even care that it’s pitch black at 6pm. it’s light in the morning. the moon is no longer out when I drive to work. there are actual rays of sunlight instead. I feel like I am up at a time when humans should be up.

needless to say, november is off to a good start.








shawreth informal was a real good night. so proud of David & Wilson & all the “new kids”… they’ve done a lot of life together these past few weeks & it was a joy to celebrate that together.

p.s. if you like pictures or photo booths or christmas candy cane ice cream,
you should check out Chase Richardson Photography.
not just anyone can photograph 120 college kids one weekend & a wedding the next.