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week in review

favorite flowers in the whole wide world. happy tuesday-that-feels-like-a-monday.       Untitled

Untitled       Sunday is watering day. I'm trying to be a more responsible plant owner. we'll see how this goes.

arts & crafts. I like to glue stuff.       every morning & night this week. seems like each is better than the one before.

life lately… love notes from little kids. arts & crafts. an almost-fall saturday in the delta. surprise visit from the best guy. milkshakes with parker. a week of jaw-dropping sunrises and sunsets. pizza with jenna. watering the plants. slow roasted tomatoes & zucchini cakes with carey. a million different ideas floating around my head. early bedtimes. parent phone calls. drinking slushies with leslie. long visits on the couch with sister. it’s been a good past seven days. life is a different kind of full that it was in college… but it’s still just as beautiful.


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