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Monthly Archives: September 2012

i like to glue things




this wreath is a happy little addition to our mantle… inspiration from this picture. it was fun to glue.

in other crafty news, I really really want a teepee like one of these. just think. you could read in it. you could take it outside on a nice day. you could even put it in the car & take it to babysit. what kid doesn’t like a babysitter with a teepee?



thankful for rest. happy sunday!

this weekend has been so good. reading on the porch, dinner with my beautiful sister, surprise visits from patrick + parker, playing at the reservoir with teacher friends, bike ride with emily, date with david & share-a-meal at high street park with my journey family.

& now I’m sitting at barnes & noble… lesson planning, scheduling, budgeting & just generally gearing up for the next week. but as I sort & plot & plan, I’m thankful… thankful to the God who made our bodies so that we need rest, the God who is gracious enough to give his beloved sleep. weekends are a concrete reminder of the fact that we’re frail & human. we’re not robots & we can’t just run around accomplishing things. we need relief & renewal. thankful to experience that with friends this weekend… & thankful for the small ways God gives me much needed rest & grace every single day. even in the midst of 300 chatty kiddos.

week in review

favorite flowers in the whole wide world. happy tuesday-that-feels-like-a-monday.       Untitled

Untitled       Sunday is watering day. I'm trying to be a more responsible plant owner. we'll see how this goes.

arts & crafts. I like to glue stuff.       every morning & night this week. seems like each is better than the one before.

life lately… love notes from little kids. arts & crafts. an almost-fall saturday in the delta. surprise visit from the best guy. milkshakes with parker. a week of jaw-dropping sunrises and sunsets. pizza with jenna. watering the plants. slow roasted tomatoes & zucchini cakes with carey. a million different ideas floating around my head. early bedtimes. parent phone calls. drinking slushies with leslie. long visits on the couch with sister. it’s been a good past seven days. life is a different kind of full that it was in college… but it’s still just as beautiful.

fire & flood

my sister & I agree that this is our very favorite picture of our parents. in 2005, their anniversary fell a couple of weeks after hurricane katrina. we had nine feet of water & zero power. & we were in the midst of mucking out a basement, deciding what to clean/what to pitch, & setting up a pretty cool cookie sheet looter alarm. restaurants weren’t open for fancy dinners & candles were more necessary than romantic… but my mom drove up to the house to see the largest card she’d ever received– in the form of this huge sheet of plywood.

like I said, this is my favorite picture of my parents. but my favorite story about my parents happened years before this picture was taken. they had four kids under five years old… & one night, around 2am we all got the stomach virus. one kid after another started vomiting. my parents rolled the sick child out of bed, changed clothes, pulled off the sheets, & stuck him back in bed… just in time to get to the next puking kid’s room. after they finally got us all settled back in, they took the pile of sheets out to the backyard & started hosing them down… & then my mom says they just looked at each other & burst out laughing at the ridiculousness of the entire situation. ever since they told me that story, I’ve adopted that as a life goal: if I get married, I want to marry someone who will laugh when everyone throws up in the middle of the night.

I think my parents would tell you that their life together has been full of beautiful storybook things… family reunions & wonderful Christmases & fun vacations. but thrown into all that has been there a flood & a house fire & financial uncertainty & relational heartbreak & a host of other things that weren’t exactly how they would have written them. I’m thankful that, instead of giving up or breaking down, my parents have kissed in the hurricanes & laughed at the vomit. their life together has been marked by the graciousness of a good God… & it has taught me more about patience, consistency, faithfulness, & quiet love than any relationship book I could ever read. happy anniversary, mom & dad! we love you.

labor day

Untitled       Untitled

Untitled       Untitled

Untitled       Untitled

Untitled       Untitled

Untitled       Untitled

david & I left after school friday to spend the weekend with my family + this family. after six hours of dubstep & Disney (ok, only a little Disney) we got to georgia. it was a weekend full of good things… time with some of my favorite people, riding bikes, swimming, ultimate frisbee, mini golf, & meals together. & the sky on the way home was pretty glorious, too.

p.s. thanks to david, hannah, mom & nathan for most of the snapshots here.



:: thanks to our little friend Isaac, school was cancelled two days in a row. it was strange to have a weekend in the middle of the week… but so, so good. I spent it catching up on sleep, some much-needed cleaning… hanging bookshelves, making crafts, cooking brunch with teacher friends, & having fun time with david.

:: interesting perspective on gentrification… I had never heard of ‘swagger jacking‘ before.

:: I’m at a place in my life where I get student discounts & teacher discounts. that’s fun.

:: a new study shows correlation between art & basically “being nice”… people who had arts ed/were engaged in arts were more likely to donate blood, give directions, etc. yay art!

:: campbells is making hipster soup… cool?

:: I made the letters above the dresser with pipecleaners & brown paper… inspired by this tutorial. when I took greek in college we translated through 1 john… the beginning of 1 john 3 is literally translated: “see how great a love the father has given to us that we might be called children of god. & so we are.” good reminder.