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storm clouds & sunsets & heat lightning. I think the delta is beautiful in the weirdest way.        Untitled

you would think every friday is a national holiday based on life around here. we have friday music & friday celebration meetings… it’s a good day for sure. thankful for rest. also, I’m thankful for the playdough that now sits on the tables in our meeting rooms. it really helps me make it through sessions sometimes.

:: week one of summer school is done! three more to go. institute began flying by for me as soon as we got kids in the classrooms. God has given me so much grace in that I genuinely like every single child in my classroom. they are spunky & fun & full of spirit. & I think they’re pretty smart to boot… no matter what their test scores say. it’s going to be a good journey.

:: the delta continues to dazzle & surprise me. I think it’s beautiful in the weirdest way possible. after this summer, I’ll have lived in the three most diverse parts of the state (coast, capital city, delta). so I’m going to feel like a Mississippi girl for reals.

:: speaking of the capital city… that’s where I’m headed for the weekend & I’m so, so happy. I miss my friends & my family & my church. life here is good even when it’s hard… but man, I’m excited to taste a tiny bit of home.


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  1. Hey, ruth ann!

    I am Mrs. Cindy Lee, a friend of your mom’s from way back to single days!!! I happened upon your blog and really enjoy it. I have a question for you. I have a 16 year old daughter and she loves to read. She reads lots of fiction and some other things. I’m looking for some good recommendations for her…….fiction to Christian living type books to biography…..just want to give her some ideas…..sometimes we hit a roadblock. What are some of your favorites? Thanks.
    Mrs. Lee


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