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california, etc.


californiaaaaa. we saw lots of zoo animals, rode around in a 15 passenger van, ate frozen yogurt, & spent lots of time with sweet, sweet friends. it was not as sunny as I had expected & even downright cold at some points. but what it lacked in sunshine it made up for in avocado. now it’s off to get my body back on central time. but first…

:: preordered the new welcome wagon CD. real excited. also, check out their ep here for free!

:: realizing just how much more I retain when I write down things that I read. it’s crazy different. good thing to remember in teaching, I guess.

:: I’ve been reading lots of Teach for America pre-institute stuff. learning tons about racism & health care & criminal justice & school funding. a lot of it is really rough to think about… here’s a good article about food stamp fraud & the often complicated situations that lie beneath.

:: this video is real simple but it makes me smile a lot.

& now it’s a time for a couple of days of packing & moving & house hunting… then a weekend of celebrating birthdays & marriages with friends… then this next little chapter of life in the Delta.

p.s. thanks to sister’s iPhone for the pictures!


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