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Monthly Archives: March 2012

nueva york

spring break was wonderful, but so whirlwind that I almost felt like I needed a break from it as soon as I returned home. (so I might have skipped a few classes.)


after a few wonderful days at home with my family, I got spend a few days in New York City. I started the week out in Washington Heights… enjoyed spending time with some friends from the organization I worked at this summer. I got to see some of the kids who were in my class, as well as hang out with some wonderful coworkers. it was cool to see how things are running around Exodus… and good to be reminded that, as desperate & hopeless as I felt so many times last summer, my efforts don’t end with me… God is faithful to Washington Heights & the kids there.




I got to check out a couple of cool musuems: notabley, MoBiA and the weird but wonderful PS 1 in Queens (the Henry Taylor show was so good). got to see 5 Ptz before it closes… it was cool to see the building up close after riding by it on the 7 so many times.


then, one of my favorite high school friends came into Brooklyn for the weekend & we did many things, including Shake Shack, a St Patrick’s Day Parade, & (finally) going to Redeemer Pres. thanks for playing, Zach.


New York was real lovely, but I’m (always) happy to be back in Mississippi. thankful for sunshine & wide open space & this little bit of school that is left.

ps… some cool NYC links…

a needed addition, thanks Improv Everywhere!

NYC Public School’s PS 22 chorus… makes me happy every time.

using poetry to promote literacy in the Bronx.

kinda cool timelapse video.


j u m p


happy sunday! hannah & I sure have enjoyed our week with this little lady. & now it’s spring break! I’m about to be reunited with some of my favorite people in one of my favorite places… which is just a really long way of saying I’m going home for a few days. then on wednesday, I’m headed to new york for the rest of the break. so thrilled to see some of my friends from the organization where I worked this summer, as well as one of my favorite high school friends. lots of traveling… I’m excited about catching up on some This American Life, as well as listening to this audiobook that I just downloaded. I’ll be back soon… hopefully with pictures!

lessons & links…

-I like chocolate milk now. who wouldathunk it? and not just soymilk. real, from a cow kind of milk.

-my small group recently had a really good discussion about this article.

-it’s incredible how much joy sunshine brings me. so thankful for this season.

-we’ve been talking a lot about renting vs. buying in my personal finance class. this article makes me feel better about life.

this book just came in the mail for me. as a memoir junkie, I’m pretty excited to read it.

-I am really, really excited to eat here this week. and I’m not even a hamburger person.


this week my sister and I have been privileged to be the sole caretakers of little miss annabel while her parents are adventuring in Germany. at first, annabel was less than thrilled by this situation.


oh the indignity! however, a few veggietales songs later, she was slightly calmer.


then… then we went to target. target heals all wounds.


thankfully, she has resembled the last picture for most of the week. she’s had lots of fun living the college life, visiting aunties ruth ann & hannah at school, eating dinner in auntie ruth ann’s apartment, going to RUF. hannah and I have learned a lot about how exhausting having a child can be–but nevertheless we sure will be sad to hand her back over to her parents.

this week in pictures

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it’s been a lovely couple of weeks… this one started with a Monday morning yellow balloon from chickfila & ended with a Sunday full of church (which is always better for me than words can describe) & a beautiful long run with emily. in the middle, there were lots of weddings (which deserve their own post entirely), brett & leslie’s 5 month anniversary (which they celebrated with oliver & I… at applebee’s) free pancake day at IHOP, a birthday party for chandler, avocados & kiwis on sale at Kroger (!!), bike riding with friends, hanging out with some of my favorite little kids, giving haircuts, new music, & really good homemade bread. thankful for grace & sunshine. happy monday!

mccarty party



it’s been a good week all around… but seeing this precious family Friday night was a happy surprise & definite highlight.